Headless commenting platform for static websites

Designed for independent publishers running on the JAM stack.
Talk to your fans and build your community!

The closed beta has launched. Request your access!

You are in control

Build approved comments into your website like any other content, fetch the newer comments with Javascript.

Encourage healthy debate

Promote quality comments, keep spammers away. Jamcomments keeps your content in full focus.

Secure and private

No ads, no tracking. Jamcomments does not monetize your content.

Affordable pricing

Host Jamcomments for free on your own server. Or, let us handle it for you!


$9.95 Monthly
  • 1 domain
  • Unlimited comments
  • Community support
coming soon...


$14.95 Monthly
  • 3 domains
  • Unlimited comments
  • Email support
coming soon...


$99.95 Monthly
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited comments
  • Priority support
coming soon...

Before you ask...

Wondering what this is about?

How does Jamcomments integrate with my stack?

There's an API for that! When building your website, you call it to fetch the comments for a particular URL. How to display them is up to you. Later, when new comments come in, they are fetched dynamically via Javascript.

How do I avoid SPAM?

Jamcomments integrates with Akismet to fight SPAM 24/7. Enter your free API key in Settings and you are set!

Can I use Jamcomments with Ghost, Wordpress, etc.?

Use Jamcomments with any CMS you want. Some publishing platforms have their own commenting functionality, e.g. Wordpress. Others - like Ghost - do not. Either way, our Javascript API lets you embed comments anywhere.

Where is my free account?

There is no free account. The JamComments core system is open source, however, and you can host it for free on your own server. Head over to Github to grab the source code and do your thing! :)

Jamcomments is coming soon.

The closed beta has launched. Request your access!